Friday, January 29, 2016


New Garmin Approach products for a better handicap

Golf fans may soon also again in this country swing their rackets. Time for the start of the new season brings with Garmin Approach S20 golf watch, the Approach G10 GPS unit and the flywheel sensor TruSwing new equipment for the sport of golf in the trade. With the Garmin products for golfers, players can also challenge in future tournaments, because devices may now be used, according to a rule change at the beginning of the year, which go beyond a pure distance measurement.

TruSwing ensures perfect golf swing
By TruSwing Garmin has unveiled a flywheel sensor, can analyze their swing exactly with the player. The small and lightweight unit is mounted under the handle of the golf club and provides detailed data on swing path, dobby and face angle. In addition, the sensor information on the speed of the club head as well as on the meeting point of Balls.Der Garmin TruSwing momentum sensor outputs with a range of Garmin Approach products compatible and can communicate independently with a smartphone or tablet. In conjunction with the Approach S6 can also be analyzed the wrist and forearm position. All information the player can see right on the square on the Garmin Connect app, there also 3D animations him be made available by means of which he can improve his swing.
The Approach S20 is the latest GPS golf watch from Garmin. It provides information about more than 40,000 players golf courses available and is also an Activity Tracker, which keeps the daily movements of the wearer and off the pitch in mind. The user interface has been optimized compared to previous models of the series approach and should now be even easier to use.

The new Auto Shot function registers the exact position and distance of the shock automatically and provides using Garmin Connect app after each round of play useful analyzes. In addition, the Approach S20 is compatible with the TruSwing swing sensor and can therefore provide more useful values ​​to improve the own handicap the wrist.

In everyday life, the approach can be used as S20 SmartWatch and shows not only the time but also alerts for missed calls, SMS or e-mails to. The Garmin Approach S20 is available from February 2016 a price has not yet been named Garmin.

The third newcomer to the bunch is the GPS Golf Approach clip G10. He is attached to the golf bag or belt, and provides information such as number of meters, obstacle and distance information on a 2.3 cm display. Again, more than 40,000 golf courses preloaded, can be updated free of charge. The Approach G10 works additionally as odometer and digital scorecard, as well as all other new approach products waterproof and offers a battery life of up to 15 hours.

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