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Inventions: The mobile 21st century

Inventions: The mobile 21st century

Most Germans think smartphones for the most significant invention of the 21st century. Wikipedia ends up in fourth place - even if traditional encyclopedias longer believed.
If one believes the film "Back to the Future", it would today be flying cars, shoes that lace themselves and of course the Hoverboard. Instead, technological progress took place in the last 15 years in other places instead - which, by the way, is probably in the sense of most people. While this country was in 2000 almost 50 million mobile connections, there are now more than twice as many - with today's Smartphones, and of course can still significantly more than the mobile phones used at that time.

And so it is no surprise that - despite the same time progressing improvement of the remaining computer technology and the advent of the Internet - the Smartphone for the Germans was the most important invention of the 21st century. This is the result of a recent YouGov poll. The respondents were asked to choose from a list of 23 inventions or developments (plus "Other") from the last 15 years those select 3, which they consider the most important.
Almost every second respondent smartphones landed in the list, while lands a related technology to third place: one in three (32 percent) holds the mobile Internet (excluding smartphones relatively useless would be) for particularly significant, about as many say this about navigation systems and -software.Letztere are mainly elderly popular - with 46 percent of land navigation equipment for the over-55s even on the first place, while they did not even make it among 18- to 24-year olds in the Top 5: Only 19 percent of respondents in this age group they consider particularly important, roughly on a par with mobile messengers like WhatsAppWährend so it in the Wikipedia are age differences in the perceived importance of confidence in the accuracy of the information is cross-generational equal pronounced. This is the result of another YouGov poll from the previous week, which was carried out on the occasion of the 15th birthday of the online lexicon.

Accordingly, have a total of two out of three respondents (66 percent) rather or very great confidence in the accuracy of the encyclopedia, which is maintained by volunteers and partly anonymous interested. Is that this trust entitled to repeatedly show tests in which the Wikipedia proposes prestigious reference works such as the Brockhaus regularly. In the perception of the traditional encyclopedias are however still ahead - 81 percent of respondents say that their confidence in the correctness of the information is rather or very large there.
Makes a window cleaning robot life easier? And is an inflatable hot tub is as comfortable as it sounds? Or are these and other new product innovations at the end just boondoggle? From totally nonsensical to insanely useful - in "Hot or scrap - The Everything Tester" (. From 31.01 on Sundays at 19:15 clock at VOX) test five completely different households exceptional products. And the excitement is great. Because know "Ab ins Beet" star Detlef Steves and the other all testers no advance what crazy inventions you can find every week in the packages.

Never again wash windows by hand - that the manufacturer promises a window cleaning robot. The take all testers in the first episode of the structure on the operation up to the assessment of the price under the microscope. "If it works, baby, then I no longer need as many times the windows clean," says retired Otto (79) from Krefeld to his wife Ingrid (80) out of the box. Covered with a flow, the robot is laid eyes on the disk and a remote control Wipe the window. But the Scheibenreiniger has teething problems: It depends on the bottom corner of the window and does not move from the spot. Has Ingrid mounted about him wrong? "From art I do not understand. Where it is not as bad as you hinstellst it." - "It's worse," Otto replied: "And I am with my window cleaning probably Finishes earlier than robots." The second testing team, the Cologne Student Urbanization consisting of Timo (23), Arne (23), Bartje (27) and Phillip (26), asks the other hand, how often do you get such a machine needs at all. "Here in the WG, we clean the windows once a year for spring cleaning - and then never again," explains Bartje. After all safety precautions are taken and the cleaning robot has been properly secured, the test can start nevertheless. And with them it runs. Satisfied Philipp is terrible: "Streifenfrei's it now is not 100 percent." Whether the device can convince at least with the price estimate?

The inflatable jacuzzi next parcel needs, fully assembled, only 3 square meters of space. Then the hot tub for anyone heats the water to 40 degrees. Until then, however, it is a long way. For Detlef Steves (46) and his wife Nicole (46) from Moers have their problems when assembling the supplied parts: "? What is this all What should I with the whole rigmarole That I do not need," explains the effervescent " Ab ins Beet "star. Inflating the spa also provides for family Hopf from Berlin for perplexity. Father Remo (55), Mrs Marietta (56) and son Micky (19) try their hand at assembling the different hoses, while there are of Marietta's mother Uschi (74) wise advice. "Hach, mother would have to be", the male head of the family complained. In Detlef the anger has now placed. And he is with you during the trial plan's now sure: "I want to have it I have not even fart in the tub, so it bubbles How cool is that!.?" But that's the price?

The Eliptigobike, a mix of bike and cross-trainer is, finally, among others, Hubert (47) and Matthias (32) from Hammelburg scrutinized. The advertised by the manufacturer "fitness miracles on two wheels" has no saddle or classic pedals. The pounds are jumbled as if by itself. "I've assembled it, so I might also be the first to ride," says Matthias. "You look like a Watschelente" says Hubert, than makes up Matthias in protective clothing on the way to his test drive.

Saturday, January 30, 2016



As elsewhere already reported and commented on the Scientific Advisory Board of the British government has accepted the issue distributed Ledger and block chain and draw up a report on this. This is open cost. Here a rough overview is presented on the title and a few points that are of interest shown.

A government that manifests itself to Bitcoin? Many in the community were after reading some comments on the said document just wide and expected but the usual "Bitcoin's bullshit, which is terrific block Chain" -Gerede. When dealing with the primary source, it is quite surprising; Bitcoin is the document often as an example of Distributed Ledger applications (in the article the block chain is more general than distributed Ledger called) mentioned, nor are they always negative. However, other applications (keyword smart contracts) are mentioned and of course the government's role in this technology is considered.

Distributed Ledger Technology - Beyond Block Chain is a document which consists of seven parts. The vision and the technology are considered behind block chain, there is discussion about governance and security issues are considered. Furthermore, the disruptive potential applications for the government and ultimately potential prospects for a global use is contemplated. You see: A quite universal observation of the phenomenon block chain. In addition, among others the following case studies of already existing applications are presented (or very advanced beta versions) of the Block Chain:

Everledger, a system, obtain a certificate in the diamond - if you like, a sort OneName for Clunkers. Thus the way of any mined diamonds would be traceable to its source. One wants to use smart contracts also to automate the terms of a diamond transport and sale must.
SETL wants to be a block chain-based infrastructure, which simplifies the credit, asset and securities trading. SETL promises this to a Miliarde transactions per day, which would be quite interesting for Bitcoin.
Estonia sets for different projects (financial transactions, a block chain-based investing platform to support start-ups and the use of a Public Key Infrastructure, ie a public ledger that stores the data of citizens and select on this, do their banking, the filling tax return, consider the academic performance of their children or put their last will.
Smart contracts and Permissioned Ledger are the focus

You can tell the document that a big trend, the smart contracts are. Furthermore, the focus of the report less on currencies, but in other applications, especially in areas that are important for a government. It is shown that the structure of the block chain, since it is stored locally, making data loss virtually impossible and even attacks on the system are difficult. This according to the authors of this report the block chain is very suitable to guarantee automated tax payments, the distribution of funds, document security, or a complete value chain. Of course, it is emphasized that for most applications a so-called Permissioned Ledger (ie, a block chain controlled centralized) would prefer to make a government would continue to have control over it. It stressed that a legal apparatus and an algorithmic control of processes in the block chain must influence each other positively. In this regard, even the sharpest criticism of Bitcoin is loud: While Bitcoin is a decentralized system, however, the governance itself is according to the authors in the hands of a small group of developers or the large mining pools.

Overall, the document is in spite of the favoritism of a semi-centralized block chain and the aforementioned criticism surprisingly "pro-Bitcoin". While it is also referred to the Silk Road and similar illegal marketplaces, but you can tell by the title, that it was written before Mike Hearns products. The report represents a good showcase of opportunities and points to what one might achieve with the block chain. It is less a technical document for insiders as something for newcomers - or a brochure, you can press skeptics in the hand.

Friday, January 29, 2016


New Garmin Approach products for a better handicap

Golf fans may soon also again in this country swing their rackets. Time for the start of the new season brings with Garmin Approach S20 golf watch, the Approach G10 GPS unit and the flywheel sensor TruSwing new equipment for the sport of golf in the trade. With the Garmin products for golfers, players can also challenge in future tournaments, because devices may now be used, according to a rule change at the beginning of the year, which go beyond a pure distance measurement.

TruSwing ensures perfect golf swing
By TruSwing Garmin has unveiled a flywheel sensor, can analyze their swing exactly with the player. The small and lightweight unit is mounted under the handle of the golf club and provides detailed data on swing path, dobby and face angle. In addition, the sensor information on the speed of the club head as well as on the meeting point of Balls.Der Garmin TruSwing momentum sensor outputs with a range of Garmin Approach products compatible and can communicate independently with a smartphone or tablet. In conjunction with the Approach S6 can also be analyzed the wrist and forearm position. All information the player can see right on the square on the Garmin Connect app, there also 3D animations him be made available by means of which he can improve his swing.
The Approach S20 is the latest GPS golf watch from Garmin. It provides information about more than 40,000 players golf courses available and is also an Activity Tracker, which keeps the daily movements of the wearer and off the pitch in mind. The user interface has been optimized compared to previous models of the series approach and should now be even easier to use.

The new Auto Shot function registers the exact position and distance of the shock automatically and provides using Garmin Connect app after each round of play useful analyzes. In addition, the Approach S20 is compatible with the TruSwing swing sensor and can therefore provide more useful values ​​to improve the own handicap the wrist.

In everyday life, the approach can be used as S20 SmartWatch and shows not only the time but also alerts for missed calls, SMS or e-mails to. The Garmin Approach S20 is available from February 2016 a price has not yet been named Garmin.

The third newcomer to the bunch is the GPS Golf Approach clip G10. He is attached to the golf bag or belt, and provides information such as number of meters, obstacle and distance information on a 2.3 cm display. Again, more than 40,000 golf courses preloaded, can be updated free of charge. The Approach G10 works additionally as odometer and digital scorecard, as well as all other new approach products waterproof and offers a battery life of up to 15 hours.